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Scan-Terieur Ltd are the UK Sales Agents for TELECO, the leading company in the leisure vehicle satellite reception industry, who decided to diversify its product range and create a new line of air conditioners for campers and caravans under the brand name TELAIR

Thanks to TELAIR, which has developed several stylish, high performance models, the benefits of air conditioning are now available to all.
TELAIR conditioners feature new rotary compressors that provide improved efficiency while making the product even more compact. The gas type is widely available and complies with European environmental protection standards.

One of the latest features is the function that allows the user to switch it on and switch it off with the aid of a remote control and the function that allows the user to program switch-on and switch-off times with the aid of this. 

TELAIR also offers customers new types of 220/12V generator: on petrol, on diesel, and on gas. In particular, ENERGY 2510D is ideal for those seeking both convenience and practicality.

Featuring a highly advanced engine, this TELAIR generator is compact, has very low noise levels and provides savings of up to 45%. 
It also resolves the irritating problem of the auxiliary fuel tank as it can be connected directly to the camper tank.


Within the UK Market, if you are a vehicle manufacturer/converter then Telair items are available to purchase directly, otherwise we have in place a  dedicated dealer network across the UK.  These Telair Outlets are trained on the product range at the Teleco Group factory in Italy, so they are able to better advise on the Telair brand of products, and to offer aftersales service and backup.





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