Telair DualClima 12400H/8400H

Automatic Air Conditioner with Heat Pump



  • 3.1 Kw Cooling (10.500 BTU)
  • 3.2 Kw Heating (10.900 BTU)
  • Soft Start
  • Timer Function
  • 8-10 Metres


  • 2.46 KW Cooling (8.400 BTU)
  • 2.5 KW Heating (8.500 BTU)
  • Tropical untill 55 Degrees Celsius
  • Timer Function
  • 6.5-8 Metres

The Dual Clima range of Air Conditioners have been specifically designed for installation through the roof of motor homes, caravans and specialist vehicles through a 400 x 400mm aperture, or by replacing a standard roof light.  

By installing a rooftop Air Conditioner you will not lose valuable storage space needlessly taken up by other installation methods, and because warm air rises and cold air falls,  the roof top units benefit, thus helping to make them highly efficient.

The Dual Clima Air Conditioners come with an internal diffuser with air vents on both the front and back, which can be laterally and vertically adjusted to maximise either cooling or heating in the Motorhome or Caravan.  The diffuser also includes LED lighting.

Special Care has been taken to ensure low noise both inside and outside through a revolutionary dual noise reduction system.  Attention is also paid to the low consumption of these units.



The Dual Clima models are designed for larger motorhomes and caravans. The 8400 has been designed for Caravans and Motorhomes ranging in length from 6.5  to 8 metres, this is due to its cooling capacity of 2.40 Kw (8.200BTU) making it ideal to this vehicle size.  

The 12400 has been designed for vehicles up to 10 metres in length, or commercial applications. With a cooling capacity of 3.1Kw (10.500BTU) the DualClima 12400 is the largest in the Telair Range.



Heating is supplied through a high-efficiency heat pump  with heating capacities from 2.40 - 3.20Kw with a power consumption from just 0.92 - 1.6Kw (model dependent)

The heat pump is effective until the outside temperature drops to +0° C, after this point the heat capacity diminishes drastically.



By setting AUTO mode, the air conditioner automatically selects either the cooling or heating mode and a suitable ventilation speed to maintain the temperature selected.



All functions can be performed via the remote control which now includes a programmable timer



To protect against icing.



Removable so can be cleaned



Suitable for roofs with a thickness of 30 to 70mm



Cooling Capacity  8.200 BTU / 2,40 kw 10.500 BTU / 3,1 kw
Heat Capacity 8.300 BTU / 2,45 kw 10.900 BTU / 3,2 kw
Ventilation Speeds 3 + AUTO 3 + AUTO
Power Supply 230 V 50 Hz 230 V 50 Hz
Absorbed average current

4,2 A Cooling

4,5 A Heating

6,9 A Cooling

7,2 A Heating

Starting Current 18 A (0,15 sec.) 27 A (0,15 sec.)
Inlet Power

900 W Cooling

920 W Heating

1520 W Cooling

1600 W Heating

Required Generator 2200 W 2200 W
Max. Airflow Rate 480 m3/h 480 m3/h
Weight 34 Kg 39 Kg
y x z
23,9x98x65 cm 23,9x98x65 cm
Air Diffuser Height 4,9 cm 4,9 cm
Suitable for Vehicles 6.5 - 8 Metres 8-10 Metres

Roof Unit Dimensions

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