Eco Energy- TG480 & TG600 MEF

The EcoEnergy range is designed for the purpose of keeping your leisure batteries charged no matter where you are. 

Sensing when your leisure battery drops below 12v the system will automatically turn on and charge up to 14.5v before turning itself off.  The EcoEnergy therefore helps to make you independent from mains hookup and allows you greater freedom to travel where you want in comfort.  This type of system has become especially important due to the increased use of inverters to power household appliances such as hair driers, toasters or microwave ovens which all have a high impact on battery charge.

The Motor Dynamo system of the EcoEnergy range will produce a 12v output with an impressive 20 - 25 Amps/hour according to model. 

The EcoEnergy range runs on LPG (or propane gas) with an extremely low operating noise (51dBA only). No extra tanks are needed as the gas bottle already part of your camper equipment will be used. 

Due to it being a small-sized, compact, lightweight system, the Eco Energy offers an ideal, safe solution for underfloor external installation and will even fit in motorhomes with a low-floor chassis.

A - Connection to pressure reducer (30 mBar)

B - Electronic control unit

C - Connection to service battery

D - Connection to a key lockable contact (D+) to activate the “safety lock”

E - Control panel



Technical Features TG 480 TG 480 MEF TG 600 MEF
Automatic Operation

Start 11.9v

Stop 14.5v

Start 11.9v

Stop 14.5v

Start 11.9v

Stop 14.5v

Working Temperature with Propane Gas +50°C to -25°C +50°C to -25°C +50°C to -25°C
Rated Current A/h 20 A/h 20 A/h

25 A/h

LPG Gas Fuel 30 mBar ± 2 30 mBar ± 2 30 mBar ± 2
Gas Consumption/ Hour 0.27Kg/h 0.27Kg/h 0.29Kg/h
Lube Oil Consumption 1 Lt/ 115 h 1 Lt/  115 h 1 Lt/ 115 h
LpA 7m noise level 51 dBA 51 dBA 52 dBA
Weight 19 Kg 19 Kg

19 Kg

Dimensions without brackets 565x380x250 mm 565x380x250 mm 565x380x250 mm
Recommended Batteries 160 - 300 Ah 160 - 300 Ah 160 - 300 Ah
Current supply selectable b/w: fixed or variable -

High altitude operation up to 2300m -
Connection cable with control unit 5 mt 5 mt 5 mt
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